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Hylomar Blue Gasket Compound

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Hylomar Universal Blue Gasket + Jointing Compound
Size – 100g

Hylomar Universal Blue is a polyester urethane based sealant that is non-setting and non hardening even at high temperatures.
The compound is resistant to a wide range of fluids including all industrial fuels, oils, water and brine, air, turbine and piston engine combustion products, water, water/glycol and methanol mixtures, petrol and synthetic diester lubricating oils, gasoline and kerosene fluids (Avtur Avcat) and fluorocarbon refrigerants.
Hylomar Universal Blue can be used to seal joint faces or threaded parts.

Hylomar Universal Blue can withstand high temperatures and intense vibration
Resistant to fuels, oils, water, coolants and refrigerants
Can be used for sealing joint faces or threads
Effective on metal or plastic
Allows joints to be separated easier
Unlimited assembly time
Hylomar Blue is petrol resistant

Instructions – Use only on a clean dry surface. Apply a thin film or bead to one or both surfaces. Leave sufficient time for the solvent to evaporate.





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