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Loctite 510 Sealant 50ml

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Loctite 510 Sealant
Size – 50ml

Loctite 510 is a high temperature and chemical resistant gasketing product that is ideal for use on rigid flanges.
Loctite 510 is a high temperature resistant anaerobic sealant which cures when confined in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces. Typical applications include sealing rigid flange faces on transmissions and motor casings. It ensures an instant, low-pressure seal. The product increases the torque capacity of assembled flanges.
A sealant with excellent resistance to oil, water and glycol.

Flange seals on pumps, couplings, gearboxes and engine blocks
For sealing metal parts with stable shapes, e.g. engine and gearbox casings
The product is used for precisely fit flanges with gap widths up to 0.25mm

Viscosity: High, Pasty
Curing: Anaerobic, through sealing off air between close-fitting metal surfaces
Strength: Average

Ideal for sealing rigid flange joints that require high resistance to chemicals and heat

Base medium: Acrylic
Designed for: Aluminium, Steel, Metal
Final curing time: 3 h
Min. resistant temperature: -55 deg C
Max. resistant temperature: 200 deg C
Resistance against: Oil, Petrol / Gasoline, Water
Colour: Pink





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