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Seagrass Hanging Planter

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It’s been found that houseplants can have a positive impact on both productivity and wellbeing. The Natural Elements hanging seagrass planter provides an easy way to put them on display in the home. With its two-tier design, it provides a good amount of space for leafy plants, succulents and more.

Simply hang it from an existing ceiling hook or hanging rail, line the baskets (to prevent water dripping through), and add houseplants. You don’t just have to use the baskets for plants. They can also provide plenty of useful storage space around the home – for fresh fruits and vegetables, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and lots more. The planter is made from seagrass, a fast-growing, renewable material.

Features Benefits
Display houseplants in your home
Two-tier design
Made from natural seagrass
Also makes a practical storage option
Twelve month guarantee





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