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Vicon EXTRA 332XF Front Mounted Mowers

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    Model Working Width Weight Power Req, Min
    EXTRA 332XF 3.18m 935kg 33/45 kW/hp





    Front Disc Mower with Actively Driven Swath Former

    This is the first front disc mower with an actively driven swath former, designed for both narrow swathing and wide spreading.  With the option of 3 different swath widths (1.00, 1.15 and 1.30m) and wide spreading up to 2.20m, this machine offers exactly the flexibility that most farmers are looking for. Narrow swaths that will go well in-between the tractor wheels, or wide spreading for fast wilting of crop changing between different swath widths is intuitively done in very little time– no tools required

    The Advantages:

    • Unique and patented actively driven swathing auger system.
    • 3 different swath widths (1.00, 1.15, and 1.30m)
    • Easy and intuitive setting of swath widths
    • Low weight – low power consumption
    • Two speed gearbox 750/1000 rpm
    • Excellent ground adaptation range


    Extra Cutterbar

    • The EXTRA cutterbar is designed for low maintenance and offers a very quiet operation.
    • Operators will immediately love the virtually quiet operation of the new cutterbar – convenient during a long and busy working day
    • Fully welded cutterbar for a very strong construction.
    • Even number of contrarotating discs for improved overlap.
    • Three bladed discs for more cuts.
    • Smooth stone guard design for excellent cutting quality.
    • High oil capacity ensuring low working temperature.
    • Low noise level thanks to specially tooled gear wheels.
    • Twisted knives for a clean cut in all conditions.

    Ground Adaptation

    The new EXTRA 332F is characterized by excellent cutting performance and ground following ability in all terrain. The design does not require a flexible front linkage, as the movement is build into the machine.

    To ensure best possible pattern of movement, the mowing unit moves independently from the front linkage.

    The mower design allows a transverse adaptation of up to 17°

    750 or 1000 RPM

    • Standard PTO speed is 1000 rpm. However by simply switching driveline pulleys, 750 rpm for reduced fuel consumption can be achieved.
    • This makes it possible to maintain the correct PTO speed, but using reduced engine revs, creating an opportunity for lower fuel consumption – an innovative solution to the problem of front PTO systems not offering an Economy speed.

    Airy Swath

    • The crop is not touching the ground, but moved as it is cut, leaving no chance for dirt or soil being mixed up with the swath.
    • The auger immediately moves the crop away from the discs, inviting for excellent cutting performance.
    •  Each side of the auger is working in combination with a guide plate, that efficiently transports the crop to the middle without any crop loss or crop pollution.
    • The EXTRA 332XF leaves a fluffy box shaped swath, and is not just dropping the mown crop onto the ground.
    • The EXTRA 332XF is not moving two swaths next to each other like drum mowers concept typically does, but places the crop into one even and airy swath.

    Easy Adjustment

    All Set in a Minute – Easy Adjustment of Swath Width

    • Changing from one swath application to the next is made very easy, without any downtime or need for rebuilding the mower.
    • Changing between the different swath widths is done in a minute and can be done directly in the field – no tools required.
    • There is no need to leave the field and go back to the workshop for changing from swathing to wide spreading. All you have to do is release the locks on each guide plate, swipe them to the requested swath width, and lock again.

    3 Different Swath Widths

    • Unique and patented actively driven swathing auger system.
    • With the option of 3 different swath widths (1.00, 1.15 and 1.30) and wide spreading of up to 2.20m the EXTRA 332XF offers exactly the flexibility that most farmers are looking for.
    • Narrow swath that will go well in-between the tractor wheels.
    • Wide spreading invites for faster wilting of crop.
    • The different swath options allow the operator to adjust the swath width to both weather and material to ensure that the correct moisture and swath quality is achieved.

    Weight 999 kg




    Mounted Position

    Front Mounted



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